Absolute Accuracy

Calibration gas and accessories for Environmental Monitoring and Industrial Hygiene applications.


For inquiries about our regulators and accessories please call or email Customer Service for pricing and availability.

Demand Flow Regulator

Demand Flow Regulators are used with devices that have a built in internal sample draw pump. Each DFR from Absolute Accuracy undergoes a 3 point leak check and gauge performace check. The flow is certified to NIST Reference materials and a Certificate of Assurance is supplied with every Regulator. Working Pressure is up to 3000 psig.


  • DFR 1-1 DFR with C-10 inlet, 3/16 Hose barb,1500 Psig Gauge
  • DFR 1-1-1 DFR with C-10 Inlet, 3/16 Hose Barb and 3000 psig Gauge
Inlet Outlet Gauge (psig)
1 C-10 1 3/16 Hose Barb Std 1500
1 3000

Fixed Flow Regulators

Fixed Flow Regulators provide a constant flow of calibration gas from the cylinder to the monitoring device. Available flows range from .2 LPM to 6 LPM. Each Absolute Accuracy regulator goes through a 3 point leak check process and the flow rate is certified to NIST traceable reference materials. A certificate of assurance is supplied with every regulator.


  • FF 0.5 is fixed flow regulator set at 0.5with a C-10 inlet, 3/16” Hose Barb outlet and 1500 Psig Gauge
  • FF 0.2-1-1-A is Fixed Flow regulator set at 0.3 LPM with 1/4NPTF Inlet, 1/8” Hosebarb outlet and 3000 psig Gauge
Inlet Outlet Gauge (psig)
Std C-10 Std 3/16 Hose Barb Std 1500
1 1/4" NPTF 1 1/8" Hose Barb A 3000